Curriculum Vitae



I feel like my past experience in different areas of the work allowed me to expand and sympathise with others. This sympathy is very important in my work as I learnt how important songs are in expressing feelings and how songs can empower people - leading to my final piece of "Le Couer de la Vie"

H&M Regent's Street

07/2018 - 09/2018

I was in charge of working at the children's section. This is where i learnt the importance of creativity and colour in everyone's life.

Colour could attract or distract children. The same could be said for the parents as I saw a pattern of colour being preffered as the clothing for their children.

EF Language School

07/ 2017 - 08/2017

I was an Activity Leader and was in charge of leading a group of English Students around London to make them get the best experience possible.

From meeting Franchesco from Italy I realised the importance of music in someone's life. As I showed him Rought Trade West in Portobello road, I realised how important music was to him and how inspirational he found artists such as Freddie Mercury and adored Rock Music. It was moments like this that stuck with me in my journey as an artist.


  • Strong Island "Creative to Watch" Award

  • Guildhall Graduate Award

  • University of Portsmouth's Art Collection Award


I currently speak English and Tagalog fluently