Who is Algwyne?

About Me

Algwyne is an Illustrator currently living in London. He graduated from University of Portsmouth. This is where he won three awards for his work including the Guildhall Graduate Award,  Strong Island's One to watch Award and University of Portsmouth Art Collection Award. 

Inspired by forms and colours of all the nature that surrounded Portsmouth and London he channelled this passion into artwork.

He used this passion into his final year of University which lead to his project "Le Coeur de la Vie" which won him the mentioned awards.



This Page showcases all my work as an Artist in University and after. My work was done using ProCreate on the iPad Pro and through Photoshop.

Curiculum Vitae

Here you can find out past experiences and awards I have won as an artist.

Contact Me

Here you can see ways to contact me for any queries you may have.


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