Who is Algwyne?

About Me

I use my passion for nature in combination with my skills as an illustrator. The colours of nature fascinate me and I translate these onto my work. Artists such as Matisse and Picasso has inspired me with their use of Bright Colours.

French Culture has had a big impact on my work due to le Belle Epoque. Artists such as Toulouse Lautrec and his use of colours made me use a limited colour palette. Using this limited colour palette meant that I was able to create colours which are bright and engaging which I want to portray in my work.


I fell in love with the Risograph Printer when Darren Page from  foursandeights introduced it to my illustration class at my second year of University. Ever since then I have been trying to perfect and imperfect my work to showcase the versatility of this printing method. Having Rachel Davey as a tutor allowed me to see work from other Risograph Artists and see the potential of it all.


I post most my work on instagram and is most commonly on there for most days - to reply to any queries or questions!

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This Page showcases all my work as an Artist in University and after. All of my work was done using ProCreate on the iPad Pro.


Curiculum Vitae


Here you can find out past experiences and awards I have won as an artist.

Curriculum Vitae

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Here you can see ways to contact me for any queries you may have.

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